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He was a calm, decisive, acute man. He had to be. He was a doctor, after all, and to go through all the medical schooling, all the patients, all the irritating insurance companies and all the late nights spent bent over research papers telling of the newest medicinal findings, he didn't have time for emotions.
Mathias had watched Lukas's progression through the years. He hadn't always been so callous, sharp, and aloof. There was once a time when the young man, as a child, as a teenager, as a young man, had passed his time staring up at the sky, dreaming up spells, imagining a new world, a better one. Lukas had been a hopeless romantic once, though even then he had kept it a secret behind a shy pout and glaring eyes, but those days were long gone. The platinum blond had wanted to be an author, -- the next J.K. Rowling -- but his parents did not want him to be a starving artist. Junior and senior year Lukas had spent growing increasingly disinterested in his childhood dreams. Mathias did
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Advent 1 | Wizard!Iceland x Wizard!Reader
The natural scenery revealed through the thin wall of glass was strange to his eyes. Much of the best time in his life had been spent in the bowels of a bustling city, where the stars rarely shone and where night was more common than day. It was cold there, just as the people were, and his caregiver had been dubious that he’d be able to adjust to the transition, especially seeing his poor adjustment to life in Britain. “You are not of the right stock for such a journey,” the aged man with coal eyes had said.

The platinum blond contemplated Aron’s words. He agreed with the aging man, yet had made the journey just to spite him. He chewed on his plush red lips in thought and subconsciously stroked the train’s velvet seat, tormented by the idea of failure which seemed to be so close in sight, yet tantalized by the idea of success. In order to distract himself from his thoughts, he tore his gaze away from the rolling hills of verdant and white-hai
:iconvelociraptordragon:VelociraptorDragon 7 3
Counting My Lives | Denmark x Reader
Counting My Lives | Denmark & Reader
“I think they’d be a pretty interesting couple, don’t get me wrong,” Arthur’s thickly-accented voice rang out amidst the chaos of the arguing group, disagreeing with Elizabeta’s previous proposition. “But I just don’t see how it’ll work. I mean, he’s obviously emotionally-invested in her, and he’s been stuck to her like glue since before I can even bloody remember! But their personalities do not mix, and I do not think that they would be able to maintain a healthy, stable relationship. They fight all the time even now, and I don’t care what the frog has to say about love -- if you’re fighting all the time as friends, you’ll fight all the time as boyfriend and girlfriend.”
“Come on, Arthur!” Elizabeta wined. “Haven’t you heard of unresolved sexual tension by now? Once Lovina and Antonio are given a little push, they
:iconvelociraptordragon:VelociraptorDragon 35 11
Picking Up Pieces III | Norway x Reader |
Pushing people away is never the answer...
...but it seems to be the one that we're most likely to go with...
    You didn’t really know what you were doing anymore. Nobody came after you when you slipped past the living room, past the kitchen, and out the door. When you were outside of the house, the night air hit you hard, and you leaned against the door you had just slammed shut for a moment, trying to take deep breaths to calm yourself down. After a moment, you pushed off from your post against the door and headed down the steps at a less-than-brisk pace, deciding that you had enough of the party for one night but that you were uncomfortable with leaving without at least saying goodbye to the remaining half-drunk guests.
    You had never been in this particular town before, so you decided to take a walk. It was a nice town, and the houses seemed to be decently clean, so you weren’t particularly afraid of getting jumped. Even
:iconvelociraptordragon:VelociraptorDragon 10 8
Picking Up Pieces II | Norway x Reader
Do you remember those summer days that were spent with nothing in our minds but sweet gestures?
Picking Up Pieces II | Lukas & Reader
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
It had been a few weeks, and Bondevik had proven himself to be an able-minded reporter and writer. Perhaps because of his quiet nature, he was very good at observing small details which the average journalist fresh-out-of-college usually missed. By the time February was halfway over, Mr. Kirkland had given the two of you a $350 raise.
It was roughly lunch time when a pair of smiling girls approached you holding coffee mugs. At first you hadn’t noticed them, since you were occupied with typing away about a scandal you had just uncovered that had cost local banks a lot of money. Lukas had presented the idea to you, and a thorough investigation involving calling up bank executives and meeting with rich men wearing suits had led to what would be a huge, money-grabbing front page article. You were almos
:iconvelociraptordragon:VelociraptorDragon 10 3
Picking Up Pieces I | Norway x Reader |
As human beings, we limit ourselves to believing that there can only be one great love in our lives.

But what happens to the people whose one great love ends before it can begin?
Picking Up Pieces | Lukas & Reader
6:55. You underslept. Go on, get up. It’s dark. Not as a dark as it was yesterday, though. Spring will be here soon. You should start taking allergy medication early. Do it during your lunch break, you probably won’t have much work to do by then anyways. What should you wear to work today? That suit you recently bought looks nice, but it’s a bit too formal for the occasion. Let’s go with something grey, it’s dark outside so it’ll match the sky...
You had taken to talking to yourself two years ago, but eventually you had gotten so tired of hearing your own voice that you started doing it in your head instead. A year ago, it had been fun to adjust the voice -- change it to sound like anyone o
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[Closet Romantic] England x Reader
Warning: This story is very long.
Word count:2998
I’d feel terrible to let a young lady such as yourself eat alone.”
    I grabbed my umbrella, slid on my raincoat, and burst through the doors of the office building. A few hastily-muttered apologies glided from my mouth as I sped through the crowds milling along the sidewalk, sidestepping people and nearly crashing into a middle-aged woman who was guiding her son. My heart was beating rapidly, outpacing the steady drip of the downpour that crashed against the hood of my jacket. I could only think of how to reach her in time.
    I looked up into the swarm of people for a moment to gather my bearings, and that was when I noticed a flicker of damp red hair amongst a swarm of dark hoods, umbrellas, and heads. I changed course in an attempt to chase after the dim beacon. A sliver of hope ran through my veins, and adrenaline pushed me faster. I rushe
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Norway x Reader: Just Two Nerds
"Hey, Lukas!" 
Hm, here you are again with that bright and cheery smile.
"Hello there."
"How have you been? Anything cool happen since yesterday?" 
I wonder why you always ask me that question. Is there really a need for it? My answer's always the same.
"Not particularly. Did anything happen to you?"
"Well, I saw something pretty cool on the news last night. They've apparently started digging through the Gulf of Mexico to learn more about the asteroid which killed the dinosaurs."
This thing again?
"Didn't you tell me about this almost a year ago?"
"Yeah, when I was doing a current events project for science class I read about it. It takes so long for this stuff to happen, though, so I guess they just decided it'd be better to have the press hound them after they start digging rather than before."
It's hard for me to find something to say to you when you're looking away with that expression.
"Mmm. Well, thank you for informing me. I haven't had much
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Dragon's Den (Dragon!Norway x Reader Final)
"You're seriously not going to like how cliche this sounds."
Summary: (I'm not putting a summary in for this chapter because it's the final and you should just read how it ends yourself. :D)
This is the sequel to Dragon's Dream (Dragon!Norway x Reader #6).
Author's note: The last chapter is finally here! I hope you guys loved this story as much as I loved writing it. This chapter is really long, just as a warning, and really detailed, and a lot of information gets thrown at you including explanations and a few tiny details. I hope the ending doesn't seem too anticlimactic!!! Personally, I don't know how to feel about the ending, it wasn't perfect, I'll just say that. I may redo it someday. Oh wells. Right, and this story features a pretty-much-completely-skimmed-over kiss scene, whoohoo! 
:iconvelociraptordragon:VelociraptorDragon 21 15
Dragon's Dream (Dragon!Norway x Reader #6)
"You talk in your sleep, you know."
Summary: After their first day in City, the reader has a dream and Lukas gives some sort of an explanation, though it leaves the reader with more questions.
Author's Note: Sorry for the huge delay! I had trouble getting ideas for this one, but now I have them. :D
Lukas kept to his promise of making sure to get his business done as quickly as possible. The day was spent darting from shop to shop, pawing through a number of books, -- of which about a half were in a language you couldn't understand -- and purchasing some of the thickest of the collections. By noon, Lukas had run out of space in both of his satchels for books to carry, so he began passing some of the books on to you. You took note of the lack of stares that he received as he wandered about, conducting his business, and you remembere
:iconvelociraptordragon:VelociraptorDragon 15 12
Blame Chaos Theory (Iceland x Reader)
"Which outcome do you want?"
Summary: Iceland learns about chaos theory from the reader and both become all the wiser.
Author's Note: This fanfiction ACTUALLY has love in it. By that I mean hugging. Be proud of me, I progressed! I just didn't think a kiss would make the story, TBH, it needed to be something more intimate, and I've always seen hugs as very intimate things to do...(maybe I'm just a weirdo who's a stranger to hugs ^^;) This is probably the shortest story I've ever written, TBH. I got the idea during a thunderstorm (wow, shocker). 
He was crying. It was the first thing you noticed when he showed up at your doorstep, rain cascading from the ground in great sheets, lightning lighting up the sky and thunder booming loudly. Wordlessly, you allowed him entrance to your home. He walked toward your c
:iconvelociraptordragon:VelociraptorDragon 27 2
Moonshine Experiment #463 (A Non-Hetalia Request)
"I just recently brewed this here moonshine! ...Oi, I made ya a second bottle, don't look at me like that! Now come on, have a glass! Test it out! I know yer gonna love it!"
Summary: June tests her different batches of moonshine on her pet swamp pig. 
Author's Note: Hey there, everyone! This is a non-Hetalia request. I was asked to write a story for Heavier-Lobster about her OC, June, making magical moonshine and testing it out on her friends. If you want to request a story, feel free to shoot me a note or a comment! I hope you liked it, Heavier-Lobster, and if you didn't, please let me know and I can revise it! ^^
It was a lazy autumn afternoon. The heat was tolerable, for at noon the sun had burned away the insufferable layer of humidity t
:iconvelociraptordragon:VelociraptorDragon 2 14
Dragon's Trip (Dragon!Norway x Reader #5)
"Really? So you liked me better when I was threatening you? If that's the truth, I suppose it can be arranged..."
Summary: Reader and Norway travel to City. 
This is the sequel to Dragon's Start (Faint Dragon!Norway x Reader #4).
Author's Note: Sorry for this coming out so late! I hope Lukas isn't getting OOC. If he is please let me know, I want to be able to fix it.
"Hello there, (y/n)! Nice to see you! Whaddya want, to hang out with your super cool brother? I knew that some day you'd want to have a beer or two-"
"Matthias, that's not why I'm calling."
"Awwww, but (yyyyyyy/nnnnnnnnn)! I really got my hopes up this time!" You could almost see your older brother's pout.
"Look, Matthias
:iconvelociraptordragon:VelociraptorDragon 14 14
Dragon's Start (Faint Dragon!Norway x Reader #4)
"I'm sorry, I really have to go. I want to bring you with me. Are you okay with that?"
Summary: Lukas convinces the reader to go with him on a journey.
This is the sequel to Dragon's Friend (Faint Dragon!Norway x Reader #3).
Author's Note: This is probably the shortest chapter so far! I'm really sorry, guys. I'm adding in a lot of foreshadowing, if you haven't noticed. That's because the next few chapters will be big ones! 8D On a side note, it might get a tiny bit more lovey-dovey (nothing major because I don't even think I can do a kiss scene, lol!) later on, so if you're not into that I may make an alternate ending to this after the more romantic one is finished for people who don't like their fanfictions that way. 
:iconvelociraptordragon:VelociraptorDragon 17 6
Hetalia Headcanons #1
Here are a few of my Hetalia Headcanons! I'm not sure if people have thought of these before, but I hope you guys like them anyways. ^^"
1. Hetalia countries never die because they have affected the universe in some way, shape, or form and, consequently, they always exist to represent that impact on it. Even if their country is forgotten, what the country has done to shape history will forever be represented. Countries don't just represent their people, after all -- they represent the history of their country, the land of their country, and the ideas that came from the country. When a country loses all of his/her land, in some ways they feel great since they no longer have to suffer through fighting and watching their own people die. However, they also feel horrible, because they can no longer do anything to directly affect the fates of the other countries.
2. Norway has a really high IQ of over 230. He keeps it hidden behind his eccentric ways and his emotionless mask, but the intelli
:iconvelociraptordragon:VelociraptorDragon 6 0
Dragon's Friend (Faint Dragon!Norway x Reader #3)
"How come being your friend involves being asked so many questions?"
Summary: Norway becomes friends with the reader. There are a few questions answered about dragons.
This is the sequel to Dragon's Damsel (Faint Dragon!Norway x Reader #2).
Author's Note: The next chapter is up! Here you have the answers to a few questions you may have about Lukas, though the real questions have yet to have been answered yet. I'm thinking of turning this into a full-fledged series, though I'm not sure how far this will end up. I hope to avoid more than 10 chapters only because I don't want it to drag on really far. Anyways, without further ado, enjoy! :D
Lying to the police certainly hadn't been one of the things put on y
:iconvelociraptordragon:VelociraptorDragon 19 8


Navy!England x Reader | Pursuit of the Blue Ch.12
I could only watch in dumbfounded stillness as the scene unfolded before my very eyes. Captain Kirkland was gone now, withdrawing to the solitude of his cabin, lost in a haze of helplessness that only evoked further infuriation. The fight seemed to drain out of Allistor as he slumped against the wall, ruffling his auburn hair in rough, vicious yanks.
“Allistor, do you really have to…?”
My mouth couldn’t word the miserable question and I trailed into hopeless silence. Allistor sighed heavily and straightened up. He didn’t need me to finish what remained of my inquiry. He himself had gone over that dilemma many times over and arrived to the same conclusion no matter how he tried to swerve around it.
“If he can ever use that arm properly again, it’ll be a miracle,” he said with a heavy sigh.
“Can I help with anything?” I asked. When Allistor needed extra hands he would call me down and so I have a bit of experience working in the
:iconthecommonmyna:TheCommonMyna 11 8
Navy!England x Reader | Pursuit of the Blue Ch.7
I watched the Captain beckon at Allistor and stride away. Peter continued chattering by my side, not noticing my attention had wandered. Although there was one terrible moment where he asked for my surname and I did not have an immediate answer, I was still in awe from just exchanging a few simple words with him. A captain. The Captain of this beautiful, powerful vessel! I might have well just met the King of England!
“Are you afraid of heights?” Peter asked.
I brought my gaze back to the foremast towering before me. It was the second tallest of the three masts; the tallest being the mainmast in the middle and the shortest being the mizzenmast at back.
“I don’t know,” I admitted. The next moment, I couldn’t help but grin, welcoming a rush of recklessness inside me. “Shall we find out?”
Peter returned my grin, pleased by my boldness. “Let’s climb to that platform,” he suggested. He pointed to a projection at the ti
:iconthecommonmyna:TheCommonMyna 11 0
Heir of Yesterday {Norway x Reader} Chapter 8
Chapter 8: Broken Bonds
The forest seemed to fall silent as (Name) stood up, ready to take on Eslla. The white haired girl smirked as she saw a blaze of determination in her (e/c) eyes.
“You really do have a death wish, don’t you?” She muttered, slipping into the shadows.
(Name) chuckled. “Not exactly. But I would like to see you dead.”
By now, the (h/c) haired knight could no longer sense her enemy’s presence nor see where she was at all. Her heart began to thump nervously as she gazed around the forest, analyzing every movement that came into view.
“How can you kill an enemy you cannot see?”
The voice came from her left. But before (Name) could react, she felt herself flying backwards, slamming further into the undergrowth.
Dropping to the ground, she felt disoriented all over again. Everything felt weak and in pain as she picked herself up slowly.
‘She hides in the shadows to perform her strongest attacks.
:iconjessicac924:JessicaC924 20 17
Romano x Reader
Title: Colors
Summary: Let them talk.
Rating: 13+
Pairing: Romano (Hetalia) / Reader
Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia, just the plot.
[A/N: I read shit like this in a British accent and now I'm in tears xD.]
Red and gold tie, white-collared undershirt. His black sweater was creeping up his torso, his fingers unconsciously pulling it up before sliding it over his head and tossing it aside.
_____ watched it fall to the ground, forgotten by his seat while he loosened the neck of his tie.
He was already taking off his uniform, she thought with a fond smile tugging her lips. She'd make sure to pick it up for him later.
Romano was conversing with Antonio, a habit that often got him in trouble during their Potions class, but whatever they were talking about, the discussion was evidently getting heated. Romano was cracking his knuckles, itching to start a fight, meanwhile Antonio pulled on his tie and grinned, making haste to unbutton his undershirt next.
The re
:iconsangre-du-il-frau:Sangre-Du-Il-Frau 79 50
Try Everything by TsaoShin Try Everything :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 5,547 485 Checkmate by Zetas-World Checkmate :iconzetas-world:Zetas-World 104 16
Navy!England x Reader | Pursuit of the Blue Ch.3
I sighed, leaning precariously far over the creaking fence that tiptoed the cliff. The evening air threaded through my hair like a lover’s hand, comforting. Another day had come and gone, and three weeks had passed in the blink of an eye. The moon had risen and with each small movement of the stars across the darkening skies, the deeper I wallowed in sorrow and self-pity. I was leaving tonight when the roads through town were empty of traffic. The gulls were calling farewells as the sun dipped into the sea, and the shipwrights down below abandoned their work stations for home or perhaps a drink at the tavern.
“You’ll fall, y’know that?”
I lolled my head back and rolled my eyes at the familiar figure who strode closer. “Of course I do. And I don’t think that’s a bad way to go with how things are now.”
“Now, now, you just wait one moment,” Allen chuckled. “I ain’t watching you fall to your death and be your wit
:iconthecommonmyna:TheCommonMyna 12 3
Know. Your. Fear. by wootha Know. Your. Fear. :iconwootha:wootha 3,128 193 Primarina by Kawiku Primarina :iconkawiku:Kawiku 6,719 255 Scooby Doo and the Crew by nakanoart Scooby Doo and the Crew :iconnakanoart:nakanoart 16,771 539
Navy!England x Reader | Pursuit of the Blue Ch.1
London at the vanguard of the world.
Paris, the jeweled crown of ambition.

The globe pirouetted on its axis as my fingertips traced a circumnavigation of the world in the enclosure of my library.
Cairo and its ancient roots.
Istanbul prospering on the Golden Horn.

The globe lost its momentum and slowed. My index finger halted on tiny black lettering, discovering a new city. I closed my eyes and let my imagination flourish.
Beijing of the timeworn empire in the Far East.
Edo hidden in its secluded civilization.

I met individuals of unfamiliar ethnicities, of exotic attire, of the dusty poor and the glittering gold. I was awestruck by architecture erected by spectacular engineers of times new and old, and stood baffled under monuments of faraway cultures. I heard the lilting voices of wonderfully cryptic tongues and bounteous noises from busy marketplaces and bustling docks around the world. Once I was satisfied with one city, I moved to the next one, braving the Se
:iconthecommonmyna:TheCommonMyna 33 10
Unknown Error by kawacy Unknown Error :iconkawacy:kawacy 17,078 383 aph (chibi) DenNor  in the dark by 10-shiki aph (chibi) DenNor in the dark :icon10-shiki:10-shiki 229 35
Refiner's Fire~6 Dragon!Iceland x Corrupt!Reader
Emil was telling you about the time his family got caught playing hide-and-seek inside the Dragon Council’s chambers, “We were terrified of being caught. We all piled into the nearest space and hoped they would not find us. That space happened to be a closet. At the time, we were small enough to fit inside, but unfortunately for us, this was not the first time young dragons had broken into the Hall of the Advocates. The Dragon Council easily anticipated our exact location.
“The door to the space flew open and we all tumbled to the ground in a heap. The Council looked so disappointed in us… Mathias cried.”
You cackled hysterically, your cheeks flushed in mirthful glee, “Your family sounds like a riot!” you wiped a few tears from your eyes and said, “I’d like to meet them some day.”
Emil smiled at you. It was an occurrence that was becoming increasingly more common as the days went by, “Maybe someday,” he mused. You
:iconfarraraway:FarRarAway 24 18
WANTED Dead or Alive by Hokorippen WANTED Dead or Alive :iconhokorippen:Hokorippen 317 69



Hey there! I decided to create a journal that I will regularly update to show what I'm working on at the moment.

Dragon's Den: Finished!
Another Norway x Reader: TBA (Still being developed)


VelociraptorDragon's Profile Picture
Hi there! I'm VelociraptorDragon. I'm a fairly studious procrastinator who likes to spend their free time looking up the word of the day on Merriam Webster, going through paleontology news articles, and playing games.

I like to draw and write fanfictions. I love the Hetalia characters. I'm not very good at being romantic, so a lot of my fanfictions don't involve anything more than implied love here and there. Sorry if you don't like that style! I try to steer away from true romance.

When I grow up I'm probably not going to get married.

I'm an INTP in personality, but sometimes when I take the quiz I get other results (mostly INTJ so it's not a drastic difference), so that's probably not the most reliable thing to hear from me.

I'm also a major Sherlock Holmes fan, though not in a romantic way. I really like the idea of looking at a person and being able to dissect their personality and past from the tiniest indications. I love the books. :)

I also really like Doctor Who, especially because his eccentricity reminds me of Sherlock Holmes in some regards.


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